A Reporting Tool For Doctors and Clinicians - Coming in Q3 2007!

Data Lens: Clinical Data Browser

Data Lens is designed to give doctors and other clinicians the ability to generate a series of complex queries in a clinical database. Data Lens is optimized to query Oracle Clinical databases but can be customized to browse other systems such as AERS, the FDA safety database.

Visual Data Selection:

The heart of Data Lens is a Venn Diagram that allows users to visually select and filter clinical data. The Venn Diagram makes it easy for Safety Physicians and other researchers to interactively analyze and manipulate the underlying data used in clinical trial reports, without a detailed knowledge of Oracle Clinical or SQL database structures.

Interactive Data Selection:

Every section of the Venn Diagram is interactive, allowing users to see the results of selecting one or more sections instantly. Behind the scenes, Data Lens filters the data and updates reports. Built using advanced Microsoft SQl Server and .NET technology, this is a unique design for a database query and reporting tool, and is ideal for the investigations conducted by Safety Physicians.

Feature List:

  • Easy-to-use Clinical Data browser and analyzer
  • Oracle Clinical and SAS data sources
  • CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Reporting abilities that include:
    • Templated and customizable ad-hoc reports
    • Report scheduling
    • Report export to .pdf, .xls, and .html