clinical Trials: Cost-effective and Safe

Safer and More Cost-Effective Clinical Trials:

Pharmaceutical companies need better tools to detect early safety signals in their clinical trial data. Adverse events that are discovered post-marketing put the public at risk and cost companies millions of dollars. Cartesian Software is making the development of new medicines and medical technologies safer and more cost-effective. With our product, Data Lens, clients have a powerful data analysis tool for detecting early safety signals in their clinical data.

Pharmacovigilance - Clinical Data Browser and reporting tools:

Data Lens is a clinical data browser and analyzer created for the pharmacovigilance space. Its flexible design allows professionals in many roles to more effectively perform their jobs. Report on clinical trial dataUsing the straight-forward graphical interface of Data Lens, users can easily switch between sub-populations in clinical data to perform their analysis. Novice users can quickly produce sophisticated graphical and tabular reports, while advanced users can create custom ad-hoc reports for themselves as well as design reports for others.

Produce Data for ESR and PSUR Reports:

The data available in these reports will provide input to the creation of Expedited Safety Reports (ESRs) and Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs). Data Lens allows for multiple data sources in a single report, and can be used against Oracle Clinical and SAS data sets. Best of all, users are provided these capabilities without needing any knowledge of the complex data structures underneath. Data Lens will simplify the job of anyone who needs to analyze and report on clinical data.

Efficient Use of Clinical Trial Data:

Data Lens helps users quickly identify safety questions and use clinical trial data more efficiently. Cartesian Software helps clients establish their own standards in early signal detection – identifying and characterizing safety signals in drugs before marketing, before public release, and before problems can occur.